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Perfect for a Platter

Our Salami is perfect for your nibbles platter and accompanies beautifully with Olives,dips,cheese,wine and bread.

All of our products are cured and ready to eat but can also be added to a paella,pasta,pizza or frittata 

My favourite is a crusty roll and our Olive Salami thinly sliced-amazing flavours.

How to Store your Salami

Your Salami is lovingly cured over a period a months,therefore it is safe to travel via post and be at room temperature.

Once you receive your delicious parcel,place in the fridge.

When you are ready to consume remove the cryovax.The Salami has a gelatin skin that helps to keep the Salami moist,leave this skin on and peel it down as you slice.Cover the end in baking paper or a brown bag and your salmi will remain consumable for months.

Need to know more

We regularly attend a variety of markets and events in the MacArthur,South Coast and Southern Highlands area.

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