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Artisan Delish Salami

Aussie Favourites Salami Bundle

Aussie Favourites Salami Bundle

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Discover a Delectable Combination of Our Favourites:

  1. Fennel and Garlic Salami: A Bestseller and Beloved Aussie Choice. Crafted from Pork, Toasted Fennel Seeds, and Organic Crushed Garlic for Irresistible Flavour.
  2. Pork and Truffle Salami: A Decadent Delight Infused with Black Summer Truffles. Elevate Your Cheese Platter with These Tempting Flavours.
  3. Smokey Chorizo Salami: A Classic, Ready-to-Slice Option. Perfect for Quick Snacks, BBQs, or Recipes. Made with Pork and a Sweet, Smoky, and Red Paprika Blend.
  4. Bosquito: Small but Bursting with Flavour. This Spanish-Style Salami Features a Hint of Sherry and Earthiness from Field Mushrooms. A Unique Taste Sensation and Fast-Becoming a Top Seller!
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