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Artisan Delish Salami

Quince Paste

Quince Paste

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Indulge in the Exquisite Flavour of Our Handmade Quince Paste

Crafted from Luscious Home-Grown Quinces. This Delectable Accompaniment Complements Your Salami and Cheese Platter Perfectly, Elevating Your Culinary Experience. Sourced from Our Own Quince Orchards, this Paste Embodies the Essence of Homemade Goodness. The Rich, Sweet-Tart Flavour of Quinces Harmonises Seamlessly with the Savoury Profile of Salami and the Creaminess of Cheese. Elevate Your Tasting Experience with a Dollop of Quince Paste on Your Platter and Savour the Perfect Pairing.

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